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Out working method

In order to be able to re-colour leather in the right way it's important to do several things in advance, very accurate.

♦Lasting of the paint on leather depends on thorough cleansing. Different varieties of leather demand different sorts of cleansing products.
♦ When there is extreme dirt on the leather, the furniture is taken apart and the leather covers are cleansed mechanical and chemical.
♦ After assembling the leather and furniture, it will be re-coloured.

Only this way we can assure an optimal attachment of the leather paint. Furniture of which the leather is not outworn and slightly dirty will be cleansed by us with our special cleansing products.

Special pieces of furniture and/or design furniture will be collected by us, taken care of in our workshop and delivered back to your home. We also work on location at airplanes, boats and automobiles.

Other locations are saunas, meeting-rooms, hotels and other places containing lots of leather furniture. Due to our special and unique way of working the furniture may be used right after we've finished our activities.

The interior of an airplane is like a visiting-card; it is the first impression of the company that you're flying with. In this industry competition is killing and prices are under pressure. Saving on expenses is of great importance. By choosing for re-colouring of leather instead of an entire cover replacement, a lot of money is saved! While carrying out our activities on location, we always try to adjust to the maintenance or inspection schedule of the planes.

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Top features

♦ Tuned Workplans
♦ Agreed plan
♦ Cleaning and repair for processing
♦ Renovation of the leather interior


The interior of an aircraft is as a business card, it is the first impression of the company.  Moreover, in this industry, where fierce competition by the huge price pressure, costs are of great importance. By recolouring  the leather, instead of replacing seat covers it is firmly money saving. We always try to adapt our work at times that aircrafts are in for maintenance or inspection.