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Leathersupport works with high quality and well developed products of PW- Products Belgium. This company has many years of experience in developing modern series of products for leather re-colouring. Even now their research department is still working on further expansion and improvement of modern and new high quality products.

In the aviation business all used materials and products, also the ones delivered by suppliers, have to meet high requirements. In most cases (or with specific safety requirements) a product certification is required. PW-Products delivers adapted products for the use in airplanes. These products are on a water base without superficial or flammable components. On request we will of course deliver a product certificate.pic producten

There are different opinions on how to maintain leather furniture. 'Cleaning it with a cloth, water and/or soap will do it', is just a fairytale. Leather needs nourishment which has to be applied regularly to keep it flexible and to prevent desiccation. Colours 4 leather has a good maintenance product that exists of a cleansing product and a nourishing wax.

The included directions for use tell you how to apply it. Of course the surroundings of the furniture and the way it's used are of importance for the frequency of maintenance. For example: chairs in saunas and airplanes demand more maintenance then your couch at home.
Ask for our special maintenance contracts.

Leathersupport, powered by PW-Products and working closely together, this is a benefit for you as a customer. Companies who want to use our products can contact us.

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Top features

♦ Tuned Workplans
♦ Agreed plan
♦ Cleaning and repair for processing
♦ Renovation of the leather interior


The interior of an aircraft is as a business card, it is the first impression of the company.  Moreover, in this industry, where fierce competition by the huge price pressure, costs are of great importance. By recolouring  the leather, instead of replacing seat covers it is firmly money saving. We always try to adapt our work at times that aircrafts are in for maintenance or inspection.