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Leather renovation

We offer profound advice to our customers on repairs or other restoring of leather furniture. Even in the case of damage by sharp objects, scratches or burning holes, most of the time we are able to restore the leather invisible.

If the leather shows worn-out spots or cuts we will advise to replace that part of the leather. We can also take care of this replacement. After that we will re-colour the leather. The results: your furniture will look brand new and you'll have saved a lot of money.

Re-colouring leather is our main activity. Despite the development of the unique procedure of dyeing leather, it's still looked up-on as if it were magic. But it isn't. It's a pity that in the past some people -chasing after fast money, not using the right products- have set a wrong idea about dyeing leather.

Re-colouring is specialists work; it needs to be done accurate and competent with unique and special quality products. Only then good and long term results can be achieved. In particular circumstances it is possible to change the colour of leather. We can inform and advice you on this.

Apart from partial replacement of worn-out spots in leather furniture, we also get furniture offered to put in a complete "new leather jacket". This applies to fabric upholstered furniture as well. We buy our leather directly without intervention of commission business; therefore we can offer you a sharp price on activities performed by us. It is mostly design or other special pieces of furniture.

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Top features

♦ Tuned Workplans
♦ Agreed plan
♦ Cleaning and repair for processing
♦ Renovation of the leather interior


The interior of an aircraft is as a business card, it is the first impression of the company.  Moreover, in this industry, where fierce competition by the huge price pressure, costs are of great importance. By recolouring  the leather, instead of replacing seat covers it is firmly money saving. We always try to adapt our work at times that aircrafts are in for maintenance or inspection.