Characterized Leathersupport is able to fully clean your leather interior and renovate, so the life of your interior is significantly extended. This is further enhanced by the application of regular maintenance, where we offer appropriate solutions. Quality and craftsmanship are highly valued. We work with high quality products with proven value.


plane interiorYour partner in the field of leather renovation is Leathersupport. We are engaged in:

♦ Re-colouring of leather
♦ Leather repairs and replacement
♦ Sales of leather paint to benefit leather repairs

PROFESSIONALS: Leathersupport only delivers professional work in the field of leather renovation. Interior repairs and re-colouring taken care of by us will be preceded by leather cleansing.

Our skill-set includes leather renovation of valuable furniture, repairs or renovation of chairs or car leather, airplane (chair) leather or your boat interior.

For further information on leather cleansing, re-colouring or replacement of your aniline leather, car, airplane or boat leather, contact Leathersupport now!

Top features

♦ Tuned Workplans
♦ Agreed plan
♦ Cleaning and repair for processing
♦ Renovation of the leather interior


The interior of an aircraft is as a business card, it is the first impression of the company.  Moreover, in this industry, where fierce competition by the huge price pressure, costs are of great importance. By recolouring  the leather, instead of replacing seat covers it is firmly money saving. We always try to adapt our work at times that aircrafts are in for maintenance or inspection.